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Kasey Fey



I am Kasey Fey, and I believe you and I share a common love for the ocean that makes up almost 71% of the earth’s surface.   It is the largest ecosystem on the entire planet, and less than 2% of it is protected.  The oceans face many threats such as pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, oil spills, and climate change.

It is my passion, and life goal to make a difference in conserving the earth’s oceans and all the creatures that live in it from microbes to blue whales.  I believe that the secret to marine conservation is public awareness.  The more people know about the ocean, the more people will care to protect it, and the best way to make people become aware is through ecotourism.

By guiding you and your family on an adventurous eco-tour through the Florida Keys, you will gain vast knowledge about the environment, and instill memories that you and your family will never forget. 

I graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Environmental Studies in Marine Science.  I discovered the Florida Keys accepting a position as a marine science teacher at the Newfound Harbor Marine Institute in Big Pine Key where I taught children about the marine environment through hands on learning.  I quickly realized that the Florida Keys was the place for me.  I currently run a non-profit called KeysKeeper dedicated to the marine conservation of the Florida Keys, and have started an ecotour  business that I would like for you and your family to experience.  I am First Aide/CPR, AED, Life guard certified, and I have my United States Coast Guard Masters Captains License.



Tour Guide and Captain


Tour Guide and First Mate

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